short film - genie (in post-production)

jamie commons - let's do it till we get it right

short film - captured  (screening at festivals)

issues - coma

short film - shadow (screening at festivals)

one shot trill - end of the world

rob drabkin - stay (the morning light fades) 

against the current - dreaming alone ft. taka

one shot thrill - lately

rob drabkin - hope in a hopeless world

vertigo - ashes ashes

vertigo - nomad

new medicine - one too many

issues - mad at myself

rob drabkin - don't worry about me

one shot thrill - my start / your end

dance gavin dance - strawberry swisher pt. III

everfound - god of the impossible

blue ember - shanghai

crown the empire - memories of a broken heart

issues - hooligans

the epilogues - saboteur

issues - princeton ave

short film - abra

reno divorce - sunsets & corvettes

the epilogues - cinematics album trailer

i am war - uninvite me

we shot the moon - when i'm gone

smile empty soul - afterlife

the epilogues - the fallout

lights resolve - with the pieces

we shot the moon - amy

the epilogues - hunting season

everfound - she said

brightwood - swan song

the killers - sweet talk (unofficial video)